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Digital SLR User, 2006 - "Very light, portable...fits into even small camera bags" (Full article here).

What Digital Camera, 2005 - "Pocket beanbags are a good way to steady a camera..." (Full article here).

Photography Monthly, 2004 - "If you don't fancy lugging a tripod around all day..." (Full review here).

Better Digital Photography, 2004 - "A firm favourite with wildlife photographers" (Full review here).

EPhotozine, 2003 - "This will help you no end..." (Full review here).

Amateur Photographer, 2001 - "We all need a little support now and then, and this product is certainly a little support!" (Full review here).

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Established 2000.
Located in the UK. Shipping worldwide.

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GBP 9.99 (BRITISH POUNDS) including postage within the UK or approximately 12 EUROS.

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What's a Beanpod?

Long lens cameras and compacts both need a quick, reliable system for supporting them e.g. photographing scenes of activity where there is not much time to assemble a traditional tripod (nature, riots, sports etc) or where a tripod is too cumbersome e.g. Safaris or Hillwalking. At approximately 50 grammes it is an ultra-lightweight alternative. It's light enough to take onto the plane for that Safari trip! A Beanpod is a cushioned bag shaped to support a long lens or compact camera on, for example, a wall, post, car roof or window sill - with no set-up time and maximum ease of use. Now vertical surfaces can offer instant support.

How does a Beanpod work ?

Like a beanbag - it just slips under the camera or long lens to provide instant stability, an instant level surface and protection from scratching. You'll get a reduction in both vibrations and wind forces and it can be used a lot closer to the ground than a conventional tripod. It enables longer shutter times through the lateral stability that it provides.It's portable and lightweight, being generously filled with cotton; ideal for putting in a pocket between locations. It's UNIQUELY OVAL in shape, this being the optimum for support, and is approximately 8 inches by 5 inches and 2 inches thick.

What is a Beanpod made of ?

The finest durable and wipeable materials for long life and perfect results. Cotton filling ensures optimum shaping around the lens.

How much is a Beanpod ?

The fully inclusive price for a single Beanpod is GBP 9.99 (BRITISH POUNDS) or approximately 12 EUROS including postage to within the UK and VAT. Postage varies to other parts of the world.

Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to "Mark Woods" and sent to Beanpod, PO Box 573, Manchester, M14 0JW.

Telephone: +44 (0)7729 408779. This is also our customer support number, available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT. Queries can be e-mailed to Mark Woods. We endeavour to respond to all communications within five working days. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery (unlikely).

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Our Company Details & Address: Beanpod, PO Box 573, Manchester, M14 0JW. Telephone - +44 (0)7729 408779. E-Mail: mail@Beanpods.co.uk

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